What are the different types of a bed cover?

A bedroom is very personal and a special place for everyone. It is a place where a person can relax the way they want, do whatever they want, and above all, decorate it the way they want. A bed sheet is a rectangular piece of fabric cloth used either singly or in a pair as bedding in your bedroom. It is used to protect your mattress from stains and rips. It can also give an additional layer of protection from mold, bacteria or dust. 

There are many types of bed covers such as coverlets, bed spreads, comforters, and quilted blankets: 


A coverlet is basically a bed cover that is placed over the bed sheet. It is smaller than bed spread and larger than the standard blanket that you usually use. It gives your bed a modern look and a tailored vibe to your room. Since it is lightweight, it is quite suitable to be used in summers. Unlike quilts, coverlets are lighter, thinner, and softer.

Bed spreads

A bed spread is a decorative bed cover that is placed over the bed sheet or the top sheet. It is different from the coverlet in terms of its size. Unlike a coverlet, a bed spread covers the bed in entirety, all the way to the ground. This even includes the space where pillows are placed. A bed spread will give your bed a more traditional look. Fabrics that are used most commonly for making beds spreads include cotton, wool, chenille, and polyester.


A comforter is the most common type of bed cover. It is used as a top blanket for your bed. It is a fluffy, quilted bed cover that is extremely light in weight. It is used without covers, which often add to the need of using it with a top sheet or an additional blanket in winters.

Quilted blankets

Quilts provide you with the comfort and warmth in cool climate. They are available in various designs like embroidery, patchwork or plain printed ones. They are available in different materials like cotton, velvet, satin and microfiber. Many different types of quilts are available however you need to choose a quilt according to your needs. 

  • AC Quilts: They keep you warm in an air-conditioned room. As the cold rises in the room, these quilts keep you comfortable. These bed spreads use cotton material for proper air ventilation in the summer season. An AC quilt has a light-covering made up of two to three layers. 
  • Baby blankets: They come in many vivid colors and styles. They are soft and lightweight as there are made from organic material to prevent allergies.  
  • Cotton Quilts: They are lightweight, quite thin, and also good for your skin. They keep you moderately warm and are perfect for AC rooms or moderate winters. 
  • Winter Quilts: They are extra warm. They are made of materials that increase the temperature by trapping air. 

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