Important tips to buy dohar online

A dohar is a blanket made up of three layers. The upper and lower layers are made from soft cotton or Mulmul fabric. The middle layer is made from Falalen fabric. Mulmul is airy and breathable to keep you cool in summer and warm in light winter. Besides cotton and mulmul, dohar is also available in silk material. A dohar is also used during harsh winter to stay you warm and cosy. It is easier to maintain and hypoallergenic. 

There are many types of dohar, which are available in different colours and shades from Jagdish Store. Some of the key points that you should keep in mind while selecting a beautiful dohar are: 

  • Seasons and Weather: The choice of dohar blankets, or any blankets in general depend on the seasonal atmosphere of the place. A usage of dohar is primarily season-driven, with AC blankets for the summers, and warm blankets for light winters.
  • Texture: Dohar blankets are made with superior quality yarn, cotton, and silk materials. While buying a dohar for your room, make sure material of product must be soft as recommended. They should also have a protective layer that shields them from harsh atmospheric conditions, hot as well as cold.   
  • Quality and Brand Awareness: While buying a dohar, you should pay attention towards the especially quality of the product and brand of the company. 
  • Fitting the Requirement: Dohar comes in many different designs and shades such as subtle and romanticised with flowing shades of deep red and warm pinkish hues. Every room in the house is designed for a specific purpose. If you wish to choose Dohar blankets for your room, you must make sure to have a splash of colour and life reflecting the energy to your youthful spirit. It will help you to get unending enthusiasm and signifying everlasting love and passion. 
  • Design and Artistic Essence: A person’s sense of creativity and designing artistic is different. Making the choice of dohar wisely will give you a unique and gorgeous look. So, while choosing a dohar which fit your personal artistic sense, prefer richly embroidered, classic victorian or modern chic styles. 

Designs, patterns, textures and brands are all equally important, but if comfort is our premise at all times, then visit Jagdish Store at Karol Bagh in New Delhi (India).

We have many different colours and shades of dohars are available offline as well as online at Jagdish Store. You can buy a beautiful dohar online by visiting our website,

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