How can you buy a beautiful cushion cover?

A cushion cover is a fabric case that covers a cushion and keeps your pillow cleaner. Cushion covers are used for decorating your living room and bedroom. They come in different colours, material, sizes and shapes. Cotton and linen mix fabrics are the most common choices for cushion covers due to their durability and wash ability. They are hypoallergenic to prevent anyone from catching itchiness.

It is important to consider certain aspects before getting a cushion cover for your sofa. It determines how your cushion will feel, look, and last throughout its life.

  • Firstly, choose the material of your cushion covers. Select the materials like cotton, linen and jute as they last long and are soft to touch and feel. They also prevent the cushion cover from catching itchiness.
  • Secondly, give your style a priority by matching your cushion cover with the home interiors.

You can buy a cushion cover online from Jagdish Store.  There are many types of cushion covers available such as Square Cushion Covers, Rectangular Cushion Covers, Round Cushion Covers, Geometric Cushion Cover, and Traditional Cushion Covers.

Square Cushion Covers

Square cushion covers will give you more comfort along with stylish look in your living room. They come in a variety of shapes such as frills, tassels etc. 

Rectangular Cushion Covers

Rectangular cushion covers are big in size. They can be used for beds in a symmetrical arrangement and even on couches and seats.

Round Cushion Covers

Round cushion covers are available in modern and abstract style of designs. They give an opportunity to decorate your room in many ways to look it delightful.

Geometric Cushion Cover

Geometric cushion covers come in geometric prints and patterns as they are on trend. You can change the appearance of your rooms with geometric design cushion covers for wooden sofa of bold colours.

Traditional Cushion Covers

Traditional style of cushion covers for sofa come in a lot of styles such as hand woven designs, motifs, and other dainty detailing. They are not only perfect for your living space but can also make your bedroom look peppy.

Let’s see some ideas to buy a cushion cover online for your sofa:

  • If you are looking for maximum impact, try your sofa or armchair with contrasting cushion covers such as blue and white, black and white, leopard print on plain, and plain on stripes.
  • You can match the colours of your cushions to colours of your room ranging from light to dark.
  • To add depth to your interior, look for beautiful fabrics, patterns or appliqués. You can choose suede and velvet options for a truly sumptuous look.
  • A mixture of sizes, colours and patterns will ensure your designer cushion colours.
  • You can brighten up your room and allow your cushion covers to reflect on your personality by choosing designs that speak to you.

You can buy a beautiful cushion cover by visiting our website,


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