• Types of Readymade curtains online

    Types of Readymade curtains online
    Making a house a home requires a lot of effort. The wall colour, furniture, bed, tile flooring, etc. comes to mind when you think about  decor for your personal space. The curtains for the windows are one of the most basic home décor items that we frequently forget. If you choose the proper colour and design of readymade curtains online from Jagdish Store, they can add some elegance to your living area. The curtains are a perfect representation of who you are. Our online collection will reduce the burden of your lengthy shopping list a little....
  • Important tips to buy dohar online

    Important tips to buy dohar online
    A dohar is a blanket made up of three layers. The upper and lower layers are made from soft cotton or Mulmul fabric. The middle layer is made from Falalen fabric. Mulmul is airy and breathable to keep you cool in summer and warm in light winter. Besides cotton and mulmul, dohar is also available in silk material. A dohar is also used during harsh winter to stay you warm and cosy. It is easier to maintain and hypoallergenic.  There are many types of dohar, which are available in different colours and shades from Jagdish Store....
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