How to choose Readymade Curtains for your rooms?

Curtains help to add on privacy and provide an elegant look to your room. At our Jagdish Store, we have magnificent varieties of readymade curtains. There are a wide range of curtains in different fabrics, colours, sizes and patterns. You will always get stylish and long lasting curtains at our store. 

Most of us are generally confused about what to choose – Tailored made or Readymade curtains. Both of these types of curtains have their own pros and cons. Tailored made curtains are made as per your personal needs in which you choose their exact length, fabric, pleats and even the stitching style. They are always more expensive than the readymade ones. The readymade curtains are available in standard sizes and standard qualities with low cost. They can also be returned if you do not like them. 

While buying a curtain we should also decide about its correct length. There are different types of curtains based on their length:

  • Float Curtains: They do not touch the floor and are few inches away of touching the floor.
  • Puddle Curtains: They are slightly larger than the length of the door and window. They touch the floor. They may look romantic but become dirty soon at the bottom.
  • Kiss Curtains: They also touch the floor. They neither stop before few inches of touching the floor nor are longer than the size of the door and window.

Some of the readymade curtains styles are:

  • Pencil Pleat Curtains: These curtains have a tape on the top. With this tape, we are able to create the pleats. These curtains are hung with hooks from a ring.
  • Eyelet Curtains: These curtains have metal rings at the top, which help to simply slide over the pole. 
  • Panel Pair Curtains: These curtains provide a classic look and modern look to your room.
  • Window Treatment Set: These types of curtain cover full window. Their set includes one or two curtains and a valance.
  • Valance Curtains: They are shorter curtains which are used to hang at the top of your longer curtains. They are mostly used for decorative purposes.
  • Window Tier Curtains: They are mostly used in kitchens.

Some of the common Readymade brands of curtains are:

  • Catherine Lansfield
  • Orlakiely
  • Voyage Maison
  • Angel Strawbridge
  • Sara miller
  • Cap Rice
  • Sophie Allport

Let’s discuss the advantages of Tailored made or customised curtains. Although customised curtains are costlier but in the long term, they offer more value to money because you make them as per your choice. You can also choose the way a curtain is hung from the rod. There are various types of headings available as per the design of your curtain. Customised curtains are not bound to any style considerations. You can make your own style as per your home interior design. They are many types of accessories available for customised curtains with a great variety of designs.

You can place your order for Readymade Curtains and Curtain Accessories Online from vast or visit to Jagdish Store at Karol Bagh, New Delhi.

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