How can you buy a Bath Mat online?

People use bath mats to prevent post-bath or shower puddles as these mats absorb water before it drips onto the floor. The main purpose of a bath mat is to provide an anti-slippery surface in the bathroom after having a bath or shower. Bath mats keep the floor clean, dry and mildew-free by soaking up the excess water. They are necessary for your bathroom to make the space hygienic as mildew, bacteria and mold can be easily accumulated on a wet floor. 

A bathroom mat differs from a bath rug. A bath mat is made especially for preventing slips and wet floors while a bath rug is created as a design element for your bathroom. A bath mat is made especially for preventing slips and wet floors while a bath rug is created as a design element for your bathroom. A bath mat is for single purpose while a bath rug serves multiple purposes. A bath rug can also help you to absorb water from your body when you are stepping out of your shower like a bath mat. A bath rug can be selected to match your bathroom curtains and towels to give a beautiful look to your bathroom. 

Bath mats are available with different material as cotton, memory foam and bamboo:

Cotton Bath Mats: These bath mats are the most popular choice. These mats are very durable. They dry quickly as compared to other varieties of bath mats.

Memory Foam Bath Mats: Nowadays, these mats are popular because of their extraordinary water absorbency capacity and comfort.

Bamboo: These bath mats have a solid surface. Their grass bath mats type are resistant to water penetration, which make them perfect for wet environment.

At Jagdish store, you can buy all types of bath mats in various sizes and weights. You have a choice of premium or premium plus bath mats. Premium bath mats are white cotton bath mats with standard size 20” x 30”. The premium plus bath mas are of 20” x 34” size, which are ideal for hotels and resorts. We also have microfiber bath mats, which are made from a microfiber material. However, they cannot absorb moisture as rapidly as high quality cotton bath mats. They are cheaper than cotton bath mats. The more bath mats you will buy from us, more discount you will get. 

Some of the elegant bath mats are:

  • Organic Colour Black Bath Mats: These bath mats give a modern look to your bathroom. 
  • Marrow Palmino Bath Mats: They look like a rug. They have a hand toughed design made from 100% cotton. They come in two sizes: 21” x 34” and 21” x 60”.
  • Anthropologie Rivieria Bath Mats: They are available in blue and cream shades. They are 51” long, so nearly double the size of a standard bath mat.
  • Brooklinen Bath Mats: They have a simple rectangular design with a piping around the edges. They come into two sizes: small (21” x 31”) and large (27” x 46”). They are made of linen material. 

Some other international designs of a bath mat are:

  • Cherry Bath Mats
  • Tiger Bath Mats
  • Floral Black Bath Mats

You can place your order for a bath mat online from vast or visit to Jagdish Store at Karol Bagh, New Delhi.

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