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A dohar is an essential part of your bed. The term ‘dohar’ is derived from the Hindi word ‘Doharana’, which means a thin blanket. Dohar is a sleek bedding made by stitching two cotton sheets together, with usually a cotton or flannel layer in between the two sheets for additional warmth. A dohar is traditionally woven using thin cotton as a filling and covered on both sides using soft mulmul (muslin cloth). It has its origins in the bedrooms of Indian kings and queens, since muslin was too expensive.

A dohar may or may not be quilted. It has been a summer blanket. It is ideal for when the cool night winds blow and you need a little more than a cotton sheet to keep your warm. It also serves as an ideal bedding throughout the year when you have turned on the A.C.

Single Bed Dohar

A single bed dohar is made for use by one person, especially on a single bed. Single bed dohars are available online from in a variety of designs and patterns at best prices. You can pick single bed dohars online, which are made of 100% cotton and are softer and less stiff than traditional dohars. Single bed dohars are well suited for children’s bedrooms as well as for those who sleep alone in their bedrooms. They are also comforting for senior citizens.

Most single bed dohars are large enough to cover the user’s body, head and feet adequately. They give you a comfortable, warm night’s sleep. Standard single bed dohars have dimensions of 135 cm x 220 cm and weigh about 500 gm. They can be folded easily and put at the foot of your bed after use. You can also store them in a suitcase after use, or when travelling.

Difference among Quilts, Dohars and Blankets

The quilt consists of three layers of fabric quilted together. Ordinary quilts have a decorative woven fabric top, cotton (fill), and a backing. Traditionally, the top layer is a decorative pattern made from different fabrics.

The dohar is mainly the Indian version of quilt. It is a thin cover traditionally made of three layers of cotton muslin sewn together. The beautiful hand-printed organic cotton dohars are very popular in India.

A blanket is a thick woven cloth, usually made of organic cotton or wool. Blankets usually have only one layer of material.

Dohar v/s Comforter

  • Both, dohar and comforters involve stitching two sheets together and stuffing the bedding with an additional layer to provide warmth.
  • A comforter is a type of quilt however it is ideal for slightly more cool weather or even winters. It varies in thickness depending on the make. It is filled with different kinds of stuffing such as wool, silk, microfibre, etc. for insulation depending on the brand and manufacturer.
  • A single bed dohar is mostly filled with cotton or flannel at the most and its insulation is a lot lighter as compared to that of a comforter.
  • Both, a single bed dohar and a comforter can be spread over a bedsheet and simply tucked when it is time to sleep. Both dohars and comforters can be laundered by hand or in a washing machine.
  • While comforters are sold standalone as well as a part of bed in a bag with matching pillow cases and bedsheets, single bed dohars are sold as part of sets including pillow covers and matching bedsheets.
  • If you prefer carrying our own bedding during travelling, a single bed dohar will occupy a lot less space in your bag as opposed to a comforter.

Single v/s Double Bed Dohars

A single bed dohar is suitable for use by a single person whereas a double bed dohar is meant for couples and family sleeping on a double bed. A double bed dohar is a comforter for two people. It is made for use on a double bed, of either a Queen or King size. A double bed dohar is the perfect choice for those looking to change the look of their bedrooms. There are multiple sizes in double bed dohars namely Queen, Wide Double, King and King Long available globally.

In India, most bed linen brands offer Queen and King Size double dohars only. The standard Queen size comforter has dimensions of 220 cm x 240 cm and King size is available in 225 cm x 280 cm. Double dohars are not just larger but also heavier than single bed dohars.

Washing a Single Bed Dohar

Most single bed dohars are washable in your home washing machine. You should avoid dry cleaning the dohar. You can wash the single bed dohars in the washing machine in cold or cool water, on a low tumble and spin cycle. You should dry the dohar in shade or extremely mild sunlight if you want to give it a good airing. You may even iron the dohar using low heat.

Buying Single Bed Dohars Online

Single bed dohars from bear the hallmarks of high quality and extreme durability. We have the widest range in single bed dohars online in a variety of prints and colours. All of our products are manufactured using premium quality cotton. They are free to protect your skin and respiratory health when you use them. Our single bed dohars are extremely breathable and long lasting, and coloured with safe dyes. The products are delivered to your doorstep soon, with the guarantee of easy returns and exchange as well.

Our Specifications:

  • Single Bed Size (60 X 90 Inches)
  • 100% Handmade by recognised Artisans such as Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Craft Type: Hand Block Printed
  • Outer Material: 100% Pure Cotton
  • Inner Material:100% cotton Soft Flannel inside that makes dohar soft, warm and lightweight
  • Our dohars are anti-pilling, wrinkle-resistant, and very durable
  • They are easily foldable and portable, making them convenient for picnics, travel, or as a cozy companion for lounging on the couch
  • Care Instructions are machine washable and dry in shade.
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