Bath Mats Online at Discounted Prices in India

Bath door mats are placed in front of the bathroom door, tub or shower so that you can dry your feet and avoid wetting the entire bathroom floor. It reduces your chances of slipping on a wet bathroom floor.

Bathroom Mats v/s Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom mats are thinner than bathroom rugs. Bathroom rugs are mostly used as decorative elements. They are not as absorbent as bathroom mats. However, they are bigger than bathroom mats and make the space look beautiful. A standard bath door mat is around 20 x 30 inches. The 17 x 24 inches bath door mats are suitable to be kept outside the shower and pedestal sinks, whereas a 21 x 34 inches bath mat is most suitable for tubs.

Need of Bath Door Mats

The main purpose of bath door mats is to create a safe and dry bathroom floor. Bath door mats are required because they make your bathroom more hygienic. If the floor of your bathroom is wet, mildew and bacteria can be easily accumulated there. Bath door mats keep the floor dry. A good-quality bath door mat can also protect hardwood floors from water damage.

Best Material for Bath Door Mats

Bath door mats are available in many different fabrics such as cotton, bamboo wood or teak. The most common choice is cotton as it is naturally strong and soft. Another popular option is microfiber. It is not only super warm but it also dries quickly. Certain microfiber bath door mats have a memory foam construction for providing additional cushioning and support. As solid mats of teak and bamboo are often treated with anti-mildew varnish, they require virtually no maintenance and lasts for years.

Best Bath Mats to upgrade your Bathroom

Let’s see the best bath mats that are available online at discounted prices at

Memory Foam Bath Mats

These mats are meant for those who want a bath mat that comes in bright colours or patterns. Memory foam bath door mats feel quite soft beneath your feet. They are available in many different colours, strips and patterns. They are super-absorbent however they do take longer to dry than their cotton counterparts.

Sonoro Kate Bath Mats

Those who love the feeling of a plush mat underfoot need Sonoro Kate Bath Mats. These budget-friendly bath door mats are extremely plush with the shag-like texture of their deep polyester piles. The backing of these mats is made of PVC mesh to help prevent slips. As these mats sit in damp bathroom environments, they need to be washed often to prevent infections and gross odours.

  1. L. Bean Bath Mats

These mats are a perfect choice for those who need a straightforward bath mat that is highly absorbent. They are made of ultra-absorbent, super plush cotton. As their backing is sprayed with latex, these mats are non-slippery. L. L. Bean Bath Mats feature a simple flattened weave around the edge that adds a decorative touch. They are available in two sizes and four simple colours to suit a variety of bathrooms.

Citizenry Hinoki Wood Bath Mat

Those who want a low-maintenance yet supremely stylish bath mat need the Japenese Citizenry Hinoki Wood Bath Mat.  Although wood is not plush like softer materials, it still makes a solid bath mat. The Citizenry Hinoki Wood Bath Mat is an artisan-made piece, produced by hand using hinoki cypress furniture. This mat also emits a soothing aroma that makes your bathroom smell like a spa. For maintenance, all you need to do is wipe the wooden mat down with a wet cloth once in a while to make it dry and clean.

Morrow Modern Abstract Bath Mat

Those who want to give their bathroom a creative look need an abstract, linear pattern, towel-like bath mat, which can create a more visually appealing look than straightforward. Morrow Modern Abstract Bath Mat is a geometric-patterned, highly textured bath mat that comes in both sage and lilac hues. It features a plush, 100 percent cotton pile for a luxurious feel. This bath door mat is only available in two sizes: a standard mat and a runner. Even though it is handmade, it is still machine-washable.

Yellow Weaves Door Mat

It is a set of 3 microfiber door mats in the shape of footprints which collect water and dirt efficiently.

TZS Multipurpose Connecting Mat

It is a set of 16 soft plastic anti-skid mats that can be connected or trimmed as per your requirement of surface area.

Saral Bath Mat

It is a set of 2 cotton yarn made mats with anti-slip latex backing of which, one has a contour that fits around a toilet commode.

PVC Bath Mat

It is a mosaic style neon green PVC mat that has anti-slip properties, making it ideal to stand on in your bathroom while showering or bathing.

CASA-NEST Shower Mat

It is a black rubber embossed mat which has suction and non-slip properties which is good for usage on wet surfaces.

How to Wash Bath Mats?

There is no special way to wash bathroom mats. You should use a mild detergent while washing bathroom mats, which will make the material last longer. You can also tumble the bathroom mat in open sunlight to dry it soon. If you want to put it in a dryer, make sure that it is on the lowest setting. You can also wash the cotton bath door mats in a washing machine.

Certain cotton bath rugs may be machine washable, but should read their care instructions first. If the rug is made from cotton, then you can tumble it dry on low or lay it flat to dry instead. Depending on the fabric, bath door mats may require dry cleaning. For hygienic purposes, it is best to wash a bath door mat at least once a week.

When should you change your bath mat?

You should switch your bath door mats out for a new one about once every two years, as fabrics lose their absorbency over time. This will also prevent it from smelling musty and becoming worn-out.

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