Cushion Covers: The Finest Makeover Tool to Revive Your Spaces

The way your living space look and feel can influence it energy and contribute to its aesthetic. A bad aesthetic contributes to a negative energy. Having a room full of negative energy can largely affect your mood, emotions, as well as spirit.

A beautiful, bright and lively space allows you to relax and lifts your mood and make you and your guests feel welcomed. Each element in your room can play a big role in defining its aesthetics and energy. The furnishing used are important in setting the tone for your spaces. A cushion cover is one of the most important elements. 

What Makes Cushion Covers Important?

We know there are a million other options that you can choose to change the appearance of your space. However, cushion covers primarily contribute to the style of your home. This is because of the following reasons:

  • Cushion coverings have the power to embellish a setting and change the mood of your spaces and sitting areas.
  • If you want a way to express your liking, choosing a cushion cover that matches your taste is a great start.
  • Sometimes our living spaces can lack colour or character, adding cushion coverings with a lovely pattern or texture can be a great solution.
  • Having a sofa with beautifully arranged cushions with attractive coverings can change the appeal of your living room. 

Styling With Cushion Covers

We have created a list of things that you can do to style your spaces using cushion covers and elevate their aesthetic appeal.

Add Contrast

A big mistake we all make is buying covers that match the colour of our sofa. This is not only boring but eradicates the whole point of having cushions. If you want to buy cushion covers in India, look for a different colour, pattern, or texture. This will immediately make your living room pop and appear more inviting and livelier.

Change With Season

Just as your wardrobe, you can improve your room’s atmosphere by updating the cushion covers. You can make the switch from the summer’s cotton cushion cover with light colours to winter’s woollen covering with deeper colours.

Selecting Colours

You can also select the colours that go well with your room. Bright colours that go well with your room are always the right choice. With neutral tones of sofa or wall, you can choose vibrant colours.


If you are planning to buy cushion covers in India, make note of your room’s wall colours, colour of the furniture as well as the décor. Choose bright colours for small spaces with less light source to make your room pop and vice versa with dark tones to make a room feel cosier.


Just as important it is to select the perfect colour and texture for your cushions, it is important to place your cushion correctly. This is where you get to play around with your cushion’s dimensions and numbers. For uniformity pick same sized cushions and different to add character.

Odd And Even

With traditional interiors, even number of cushions work well and with contemporary interiors pick an odd number. 


Although these are small changes, cushion covers can have a huge impact in changing the ambience of your spaces. Picking the right cushion covers can help you liven up dull spaces, add character, incorporate personal taste, and influence your space’s energy.

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