Why do we buy QUILTS from Jagdish Store?

One of the most likeable things in our bedroom is quilts, whether it is summer or winter. Quilts will give us the warmth and perfect sleep at favored room temperature. Jagdish Store offers us a wide range of best and finest quilts in many themes such as simple, elegant or ethnic. Jagdish Store has earned an enviable reputation over the decades as one of India’s finest, most trustworthy, and recognized brand in Indian homes since 1965.

Quilts can vary in size, colour, shape and even the type of fabric used. Quilts are basically made up of 3 layers: a top layer, batting and a bottom layer. The top layer is a woolen cover that has a beautiful patchwork. The inner batting layer is made up of materials like wool or polyester while the bottom layer is a woolen base. Varieties of materials are used for making the quilts such as cotton quilt and silk quilt

Cotton v/s Silk Quilt

Cotton is the standard material used in making of Quilts because it is soft, stays together while stitching, and maintains warmness. It also intensifies the durability of the quilt for a more extended period. Silk quilt provides the luxurious look to our bedroom as they are soft and unique. It guarantees us warmth and softness.

Classic v/s Modern Quilt

Quilts are also classified into Classic and Modern types. If we talk about classic quilt, all the 3 layers of different pieces of fabric are stitched together either in a grid or more complex design while modern quilt is made by machines. Although quilts are made solely to cover a bed and provide warmth, the uses of quilts are virtually unlimited.

AC Quilt Sets

If we have an air conditioner in our bedroom, we can also buy AC Quilt Sets in various fabrics for both single and double beds from Jagdish Store. AC Quilts are more comfortable and make our room look more elegant, sophisticated, and adequately put together.

We can get the best quality quilts only at one shop i.e. Jagdish Store in Karol bagh or through online at www.jadishstoreonline.com.

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