How can we buy various types of Door Mats Online from Jagdish Store?

Door Mats are usually also called Entrance Mats or Welcome Mats. They have existed since 19th century and are still being used in almost all countries. The main components of a door mat are straw, dwarf, palm or screw pine. They are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, designs and type of material depending on the place they come from and their uses. In Japan and other eastern countries, the grass is a main component of mats.

Various types of door mats are:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Mats: These mats can be placed inside or outside your home or office. Their materials are sturdy and endure regardless of the weather or their elements. They can be decorative and attractive. Decorative mats can come with company names and logos, welcome messages, bright coloured flowers or sceneries, and initials of names and logos of sports teams. They can also be made as per the requirements of the customer.
  • Interior Mats: These mats are made especially for indoor use. They have the capability to remove dust and water from visitors’ shoes. They are made with non-slippery material such as rubber, plastic or latex. They can also be made of natural or synthetic fiber, cotton, polypropylene and certain types of rubbers.
  • Anti-fatigue Mats: If you work while standing in the same position for many hours, you need anti-fatigue mats. These mats are usually made of flexible foam that provides you greater comfort during working in a standing position. They are generally made of some type of PVC foam which cushions your feet while standing.
  • Bath Door Mats: These mats are put outside your tub or shower in a bathroom so that they absorb the moisture from your body when you step out after a bath. They are generally made of cotton with a rubber backing to prevent any skidding.
  • Ribbed Entry Door Mats: They are mainly used for indoor use especially for shops and restaurants. These mats are generally made out of thick rigid carpet that has a beveled design so that you do not slip while walking on it.
  • Toweling Mats: They are extremely lightweight mats which are generally used outside a bathtub or shower to absorb any water spilled on the floor. They are used to keep your bathroom clean and dry. They look like a towel, which are easy to handle and change.
  • Contour Toilet Mats: These are U-shaped mats used to fit around the commode. These mats are used to keep the floor warm and clean by preventing any splashes or sprinkling on the floor around the commode.
  • Carpet Mats: These mats are mostly used in industrial places and warehouses to prevent dust, dirt and grime from being tracked from outside to inside. They have the ability to eat up dirt and even water. They are easy to clean using vacuum cleaner or broom.
  • Drainage Mats:  These mats are mostly used in kitchens or factories. They can absorb liquids and even small pieces of food drained through holes into the mat that makes them easier to clean. Drainage mats are made of heavy duty rubber and have holes to allow the dust to go right through them.
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